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Chiropractic explained

Chiropractors aim to optimise the function of the nervous system (including the brain, spinal cord and nerves) and maintain or restore the structural integrity of the body primarily by using chiropractic adjustments.

Physical trauma, chemical or emotional stress can overload the nervous system and distort the “picture” the brain (or cortex) has of the body and its parts, including muscles, joints and organs. In other words, the underlying talk between the body and brain becomes a bit fuzzy and the messages from the brain inappropriate, resulting in muscle/joint problems, pain, poor posture or numerous other possible symptoms.

A precise well-localised chiropractic adjustment restores clear and effective communication between the body and brain. It also helps restore balance to the nervous system and improves muscle and joint function. If tissue injury exists time may still be needed for complete healing although chiropractic care will facilitate a faster and better recovery.

Chiropractic care is about much more than treating pain. People are also increasingly choosing chiropractic to enhance athletic performance or simply to maximise their well-being.

Movement, posture, muscle strength and reflexes are assessed before and after an adjustment to ensure a treatment has been effective and resulted in greater functional balance in the body. When the abovementioned measures improve and stabilise, pain and symptoms also tend to resolve. Lifestyle factors and diet are also assessed and modifications suggested (if required), so you recover quickly and the likelihood of any recurrence of your health complaint is minimised.


The technique of choice at Woy Woy Chiropractic is known as Neuroimpulse protocol (NIP). It’s a very gentle and precise impulse based approach that doesn’t involve any cracking or crunching of joints. The adjustments are generally well-tolerated and comfortable for all ages, including babies and the elderly.

Because your body works as one functional unit the site of an adjustment may be in an area that is quite remote from where you’re experiencing symptoms (although typically an adjustment is in the vicinity of the pain or symptoms). NIP involves a full-body form of assessment. As well as spinal bones, almost any other bone in the body may be treated –the specific location/s indicated by an in-depth examination coupled with the presenting history and symptoms. Specific muscle or organ structures may also be the focus of treatment at times. A typical visit would involve an adjustment of 1-4 areas.

We also utilise kinesiology techniques such as Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Total Body Modification (TBM) to identify and/or treat hidden triggers of dysfunction in the body. On some occasions other predominantly lower force techniques may be used when appropriate.



Meet the Chiropractor

Scott Rochford


B.Sc., B.Chiro Sc., M.Chiro

Scott Rochford graduated from Macquarie University in 2004 with a Masters of Chiropractic. Since then he has worked in several family based clinics in Qld and Vic before establishing Woy Woy Chiropractic. Scott enjoys treating people of all ages and is motivated to help others maximise their health and well-being.

He is highly trained and is committed to on-going professional development. He has recently qualified with a Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Over the years Scott has been fortunate enough to glean knowledge from some of the best in the profession.

Scott grew up on the peninsula and loves spending his spare time at the beach, enjoying the great outdoors or with family and friends.

Our focus is on your overall well-being and helping you achieve optimal health. 

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